Family Snapshot Window Decals – A Serious Security Problem!

You have seen them, the stick figure family on the back of SUVs and Mini-vans, on the highway or parked at the mall.

I found this pic on Google and I’m not sure of the source but lets take a look at it from a security perspective.

This person just advertised their entire family to any creep or child predator who comes along and sees the vehicle.

If you have a sticker like this, you just told everyone your name, children’s names, their gender, approximate ages and your pets name.

Just imagine some creep seeing you drop your kids off at school only to approach your child later and try to trick them.  “Hey there little Susie, your dad Eric sent me to pick you up because your dog Rex was in an accident.  your mom Debbie and sister Kim are at the animal hospital waiting for you, jump the car and put your seat-belt on and I’ll take you to them.”

The hair on the back of my neck stands up and I feel sick when I think about it.  If you don’t think the predators out there know these tricks, think again.  It looks like a cute and fun way to celebrate your family but don’t take the chance, it’s just not worth the risk.

Be Safe!

Michael – All About Locks & Safes