Contractors License

Without a contractors license a service company can not bill out jobs over $500.00 total cost.
Several months ago we competed the process and we were issued our contractors license (State Contractors License #964099) and without it we could not have participated in the Paradise DMV expansion job, as these Control Access locks cost over $500 EACH!
Here are some photos.

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The doors were going to come preped (holes drilled to fit the locks) from the door company, but in this business it pays to be flexible and prepared. We prepared the door by taking measurements, setting the template and cutting the holes very carefully through these solid (very expensive) wood doors. We installed 3 of them and they turned out great!

These awesome locks do audit trail, controlled access, are ADA and Life/Fire safety compliant (UL Rated) and more. A great choice for that location. I also wanted to give a shout-out to Consolidated Construction Services for being one of the best prime contractors we have worked with.

~Michael, Owner
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