Property Owners, a few good reasons to higher a locksmith:

It is a good idea (for obvious reasons of liability) to change the locks when you change tenants. There are several ways this can be done, including:

1. Change the locks out yourself by physically removing the hardware and replacing them with a different set of locks;
2. Purchase and install do-it-yourself rekeyable locks like the Kwikset Smart Key;
3. Hire a professional locksmith to do the job for you.

Hiring a licensed locksmith not only takes the liability off of you, but re-pinning a lock is more environmentally friendly, and in most cases more affordable per-lock than replacing the existing locks with store bought hardware.

Should you decide to buy Kwikset’s new Smart Key, be prepared to replace the locks more frequently than if you were using standard Kwikset hardware. The Smart Key locksets have many small moving parts that break or bend, and have proven problematic when installed on high traffic doors such as multiple occupant domiciles.

Should you hire a professional locksmith, the technician can perform minor repairs, provide a security evaluation of the property, and issue as many keys as you wish at the time of service (including keys marked Do Not Duplicate).

A locksmith can also key your locks on a Master System, where many different locks (such as several buildings that are keyed differently from each other) all have one master key that can open any of the locks. Locksmiths can also pin a single lock to operate with many different apartment keys. This is useful when you want only renters with the appropriate key to have access to pool gate locks or specific areas such as a laundry room. These Master Systems can be used and maintained in future apartment re-keys, allowing you to change the locks and maintain the same master key.

We give free quotes and discounts to property Owners and will be happy to maintain and service your lock hardware with friendly and affordable, professional service.

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