Honest Service

When you hire a locksmith who is licensed by the state you should also know the locksmith has passed a state and federal background check. If that locksmith is seasoned, that person has resisted any temptation of abusing their power. In other words, when you higher an experienced, licensed locksmith, you have most likely employed an honest person.

It is of the most importance for people to research the technicians they hire. You are bringing these people into your life and your home and expecting them to treat you fairly. You can verify state security licenses at the California BSIS web-site.

Today, I went on a call to make keys to a Chevy. I quoted $200 for the job. When I arrived and started pulling tools out of the back of my truck I noticed a set of keys laying in the gutter next to my back tire. I had found the customers keys. It would be easy to discard the keys, make a new set and charge the customer $200, but I picked them up and gave them to the customer. I charged him for the service call only, saving him a considerable amount of money.

When you hire All About Locks & Safes, you will get great service and an honest deal and that’s our guarantee.

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