One Master key that Fits Every Lock!

Yes, it’s true, and here is the kicker – you already have the key!

When I think about the future of locks and keys and I look at the direction the market is taking us, it appears the future is a Single-key existence where the average person will have one key that fits every one of your locks!  It will start your car, unlock your house and your business; it will even open your safe and pay your grocery bill at the checkout.  The future seams to be Biometrics, and the key is your index finger.

Fun Fact: The word Biometric is derived from the Greek words bio (life) and metric (to measure) and was invited by a police officer named Alphonse Bertillion around 1890

Biometrics is becoming main-stream as it becomes more affordable to mass produce, and more widely accepted by the public.  You can currently buy deadbolts and safe locks you can program to read the dermal ridges on your finger tips.

Here are a few more facts about Biometric locks.

  1. Biometric locks come with a key override because there is about 10 percent of the population that can not or will not use biometric locks.
    1. Biometric locks often do not work on the very young because their dermal ridges are not fully developed.
    2. Biometric locks may not work on seniors citizens or people who have worked hard with their hands for many years because their dermal ridges are worn down and hard to read.
    3. There are people who refuse to use biometric locks for personal or religious reasons.  Some believe biometric locks are tied to the sign of the beast and some feel these locks are too easy for “Big Brother” to record an audit trail of your activities.
  2. Is every finger print unique? Not to a Biometric lock.  They record patterns in your fingerprint.  While your finger print may be different than mine, the patterns (Points) the computer records may be so similar that they are recorded the same.  This is referred to as the false-acceptance rate and varies among locks based on the quality of the equipment being used.
  3. Biometrics is not limited to fingerprints, but it is the recognition of human traits such as recording speech, scanning the face, retina, iris, handwritten signatures, hand geometry, wrist veins and Gate (how we walk).
    1. Currently, many casinos use both Gate and Face Recognition Biometric techniques to identify persons of interest.  People who are noticeably under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in costumes, or on watch lists (such as known card counters or known felons) are flagged and security is notified.  Gate and Facial Recognition is favored because it is non-invasive and surreptitious.
  4. Biometric locks have built in security including a sensor that reads your fingers natural electrical charge to protect from fake fingers, photo copies of finger prints and other attempts to defeat the lock.

Yes, we sale Biometric locks, but I wouldn’t throw down a bunch of money on new locks just yet.  I personally would wait a little while for the technology to get a bit better, and a bit cheaper.

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